Transport services

Truck, railway and ship

Transporting wood via all routes is our daily business

For over ten years, we have been transporting over 7 million solid cubic meter annually via truck, railway, deep sea vessels and inland water vessels.

This wide range of transport modes gives us the opportunity to optimize the entire logistics chain from the forest to the customer in a sophisticated way.
For us, optimal means quick, reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

We are happy to develop a custom logistics concept with you for the regional and national transport of your wood.


In addition to our own fleet with crane and Trailer trucks, we rely on a close collaboration with established, experienced and local contractors for Transportation of the wood to the industry. Our truck logistics works with modern scheduling software. All truck drivers receive detailed maps with the exact locations of the wood stacks ready for removal. This eliminates mistakes in the logistics chain and provides a just in time delivery to the industry.


Mercer Holz transports over 2 million tonnes of logs and wood chips annually on railways. We are therefore one of the largest rail logistics companies for wood raw materials in Central Europe.

We use a big network of railway stations throughout Germany. Thanks to our large shipping volumes, we can easily bring large volumes of wood to remote destinations via block trains in a short period of time for our partners.  We of course also organize the pre-shipment and post-shipment by truck with experienced local logistic providers.


Goods can be transported cost-effectively over long distances on waterways. Long term contract with harbor in Rostock enables effective handling of the wood in the port. The Stendal mill has a connection to the Elbe and therefore to the German inland waterway network. Mercer Holz has extensive experience in wood transport via inland water vessels and deep sea vessels.