We take responsibility for our forests

Environmental, economic and social sustainability are the prerequisites for our long-term success

Wood is a renewable resource with limited availability. When purchasing wood, we focus on the importance of wood originating from sustainably managed forests.
The principle of sustainability has been an integral part of Central European forestry for over 300 years now. We are committed to this principle.

A large portion of our wood comes from the maintenance of forest populations (thinning). By using wood from thinning, we are making an active contribution to the development of stable and highly productive forests.

Just as important as sustainable harvesting of this valuable resource is the efficient use of wood. Our customers, the Mercer plants, process all of the supplied resource into high-quality products. They extract cellulose from the wood fibre. All other components of the wood, including the bark, are used for energy production in the form of process steam and electricity.

Mercer Holz harvests and transports the renewable resource of wood as environmentally friendly and cost-efficiently as possible. All of the wood that Mercer Holz purchases comes from controlled sources. We ensure that our resource

• is not illegally harvested,
• does not originate from areas with  violation of traditional and civil rights,
• does not originate from forest in which high conservation values are threatened by management activities,
• does not originate from forests being converted from natural and semi natural forest to plantations or non-forest use, and
• does not originate from forests in which genetically modified tress are planted.

Mercer Holz sees itself as having a long-term responsibility. We are therefore investing, for example, in a new rail fleet that will allow us to transport wood more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly manner.