Climate protection

CO2 storage through wood utilisation

We protect our climate through renewable resources

Wood products have an excellent environmental footprint. The energy consumption for the harvesting and delivery of forest wood is only a fraction of the energy stored in the wood itself.

We always use the most economically and ecologically sensible mode of transport to move wood. We transport wood long distances using environmentally friendly options which means by train and ship.

Mercer Holz has invested in the development of 200 new railway carriages. Combined with state-of-the-art locomotives, these new wood carriages will transport up to 30 per cent more wood than conventional carriages, which results in less energy consumption.

The vehicles of our truck fleet are no more than five years old and are classified according to the exhaust emission standards Euro 5 and Euro 6. We continuously invest in the latest light metal construction in order to minimise dead weight and fuel consumption, and also maximise load capacity. Our vehicles are equipped with new technology and forest navigation system in order to save fuel. To avoid exceeding weight limits, all vehicles are equipped with an electronic scale.

Our success can be measured: In 2014, the CO2 emissions from our wood transports were 8.5 kg per cubic metre of wood, which is 10 per cent less than in 2013.