Sustainability is a core principle for us

Using resources and preserving them for future generations

The principle of sustainability has been an integral part of Central European forestry for over 300 years. We are committed to this principle.

It is one of our goals to keep the forest healthy, to manage it and to use it sustainably. Our future is dependent on wood being available over the long-term in sufficient quantity and quality. The company's commitment to sustainability is reflected throughout the entire Mercer Group.

We believe that sustainability has an environmental, economical and social dimension. For Mercer Holz, sustainability means responsibility, efficiency and a long-term focus. We are therefore in alignment with the interests of our environmentally-conscious customers and end users.

We take responsibility by focusing on a high level of efficiency investing in the latest equipment and continuously improving our processes.

Mercer Holz, just like the forest owners, operates with a long-term oerspective in the whole business. That is why trust and reliability are the foundation of our business relationships with our partners.

In addition to environmental and economic sustainability, social responsibility is also very important to us. Compliance with high occupational safety standards, ensuring secure and punctual compensation, supporting the personal development of our employees and ensuring jobs are all basic components of our  company policy – across the entire Mercer Group.