Environmentally friendly, sustainable and energy efficient

The Mercer Group, with its subsidiaries Mercer Stendal in the Altmark, Mercer Rosenthal in Thuringian Blankenstein and Mercer Celgar in Castlegar, Canada, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of long-fibre market pulp. Since April 2017 the Mercer Timber Products, one of the largest German saw mills, is part of the Mercer Group.

Mercer Timber Products produces a wide range of high-quality softwood lumber products.

Long-fibre pulp which is produced in the pulp mills is a key component in the production of printing, hygienic, packaging and speciality papers. In addition, these pulp fibres are supplied to the processing cycle of waste paper. Only in this way the recyclability of this valuable secondary resource can be maintained.

The annual production capacity of Mercer´s three pulp mills is over 1.5 million tonnes of kraft pulp. In addition, valuable biochemicals, such as tall oil and turpentine, are obtained from the Mercer Group’s pulp production.

Mercer Timber Products has a production capacity of more than 2 million scm per year and is one of the largest saw mill in Germany.

The two German mills are also two of the largest biomass power plants of their kind in Germany. The output generated by the Stendal mill alone totalling some 135 megawatts of electricity is sufficient to cover its own power demand and also to supply a considerable portion into the public electricity grid. As a result, Stendal supplies approximately 300,000 private households with renewable energy. The Rosenthal mill generates about 57 megawatt. The surplus here can supply more then 50,000 households with rebewable energy via the public grid.