Company philosophy


Social, environmental and economical responsibility

Mercer's core purpose is providing fibers, renewable energy and chemicals, from sustainable sources, for essential human needs.

Customer responsiveness
  • We provide customer satisfaction through consistent reliable quality and service.
  • We strive for open and effective communication with our customers
Social responsibility
  • We are committed to responsible environmental stewardship, transparency and accessibility. Our efforts to protect and sustain the resources we utilize and the ecosystems they exist within, are critical to the long-term existence not only of Mercer’s business, but of our industry.
  • We acknowledge the need for sustainable forestry practices and strive to procure wood that is certified according to credible internationally accepted certification systems.
  • We strive to continuously develop our employee’s skills and competencies and provide a working environment with clear expectations and goal oriented actions.
  • It is Mercer management’s firm commitment to make every effort to protect its employees’ and the general public’s safety and health through prevention and proper working procedures.
Environmental responsibility
  • We will employ processes and procedures in our everyday operations that minimize environmental impact and comply with, and where possible exceed, regulatory and legal requirements pertaining to the impact on human health, air, soil and water.
  • Should circumstances arise where the environment or safety of people is at risk, alleviation of such risks will take priority over production.
Financial responsibility
  • We are committed to further enhancing our financial performance by strategic development and continuous improvement.
  • Our core values and principles guide our policies and strategic decisions, demonstrating that we are a company that recognizes the need to achieve excellence in the environmental, social and financial arenas.